I've also been spinning basslines and producing French toasts since mid 90's under the alias HEKO on various labels around the world such has BitClap!, French Express, Blind Jacks Journey, Electrique Music, Love Gang, Space Factory, Disques Poney, Black Montanas, Initial +, OD rds, Black Leather. Full discography on Discogs.com
Written by Cyber People (1984)
Edit by HEKO

Released June 21, 2021
Blind Jacks Journey presents
The Return Trip Vol.4

Double Mint Ice Cream 12" Vinyl
444 Limited Issue Release

5 Trax on wax feat Heko, Gnork, Oddnipp!
A1. Heko - Melrose Frames
A2. Heko - Ethereal
B1. Gnork - Out There
B2. Gnork - Piano Trip 93
B3. Oddnipp - Trip 4

+5 Digital Bonus!
01. Heko - Plat du Jour (Kid Who's Voodoo Acid Adjustment)
02. Heko - Plat du Jour
03. Gnork - Planet EE 4 Love
04. Schmitt Trigger - Bethesda Bison (Gnork's secret unreleased remix)
05. Oddnipp - Trip 10


Released November 11, 2014
Available on iTunes, Beatport (Germany), Spotify.
Original written by BLITZKIDS mvt for Warner Music Germany
Remix by HEKO

Released April 12, 2013
We now know Blind Jacks Journey is the follow on outing from Crow Castle Cuts… Not their Welsh mountainside home but from the winding Nidd Valley of Knaresborough. Another super collectable quad pack of limited hand stamped vinyl only journeys.

This, the second EP, 1.2 features a red hot Hungarian artist "GNORK" with 2 tracks of gnorkyness - tried, tested and gnorked in recent sets by mr Luv*Jam. The AA brings analogue Parisian Heko back onto his favoured medium with a secret italo sex bomb. Plus some electronic esp. from another valley with Electra’s dream spaces inbetween! Concluding with another sneaky slice of Flyypost ambience with Molly Knew on vocals. Ltd hand stamped solid yellow vinyl with poem art insert. No repress. No digi. Part 2/4


Released February 4, 2013
A song made for Lovegang Eau de Parfum lovegang.net/perfume originaly produced in Hamburg by Boris Dlugosch, the lyrics and vocals were done by "the diamond of the diamonds", nu-disco singer Miss Kathy Diamond, best known as the front woman in the band The KDMS. "Let There Be Love" starts with the beautiful fresh pop orientated DAY VERSION, the NIGHT VERSION brings us right into the club with a deeply infectious 90s house groove. Our frenchie HEKO, known for his great productions and remixes on French Express or Electrique Music, goes deep into the nu-disco world with an uplifting remix full of zest for life. The most unusal and unexpected remix comes from newcomer SIMØNE from Barcelona. He turns the track into a song that Yazoo would be jealous of. Perfect synthpop, as if we have never left the 80s.

Original written by Boris Dlugosch for the LOVEGANG
Vocals by Kathy Diamond (from The KDMS)
Remix by HEKO

Released February 14, 2013
A few months after the release of the uber successful Will Be EP, Bufi returns to Electrique with first new single from his debut LP: Trilogy. Training Tofu is an epic song, that will immediately stun you with its powerful rhythm section, while a narrator gives instructions. Sit! Run!, Don't Bark! Now Dance! Tofu is one of Bufi's dogs and he dedicated this track to the chaotic experience that was Training Tofu.

Heko's remix takes the darker original into nu disco/electro funk territory, thanks to the excellent production skills of this French producer his remix works amazing on and off the dance floor. On the other hand, Mexico City´s Andre VII goes straight to peak hour climax, transforming the bass line into a powerful riff while maintaining a tremendous bang through out the whole track. Last but not least Avanti maintains the slow tempo of the original track while driving things into deepest and funkiest corners that the duo craft so well..
Released November 1, 2012
Free track to celebrate my 35th birthday
Released June 21, 2012
Video edit by Vorticoso from Alain Resnais film "L'année dernière à Marienbad", 1961.

Originaly released on French Express (Dallas)
Released September 1, 2011
- OUT NOW on DISQUES PONEY (Shanghai) -
Edit of one of the best horror movie score by Harry Manfredini "Friday the 13th part III"
Available in FLAC and mp3 for free on www.disquesponey.com
Released December 26, 2010

Originaly released on SPACE FACTORY DISQUES (France)

Produced by People Theater | Vocals by Yasmine Gate
Remix by Heko

Released July 23, 2011
Originaly released by OD Records (France) on vinyl.
Remix by HEKO

Released January 10, 2008
Written by The Creatures (1983)
Edit by HEKO
Released June 21, 2007
1. Primavera (free) 05:47
2. Voyager 06:57
3. Energy 3000 06:07
4. Mrs Butterfly 06:40

Originaly released by OD Records (France) on vinyl.

Released February 14, 2007
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