Let there be Love (HEKO remix)

Let there be Love (HEKO remix)


A song made for Lovegang Eau de Parfum http://lovegang.net/perfume originaly produced in Hamburg by Boris Dlugosch, the lyrics and vocals were done by "the diamond of the diamonds", nu-disco singer Miss Kathy Diamond, best known as the front woman in the band The KDMS. "Let There Be Love" starts with the beautiful fresh pop orientated DAY VERSION, the NIGHT VERSION brings us right into the club with a deeply infectious 90s house groove. Our frenchie HEKO, known for his great productions and remixes on French Express or Electrique Music, goes deep into the nu-disco world with an uplifting remix full of zest for life. The most unusal and unexpected remix comes from newcomer SIMØNE from Barcelona. He turns the track into a song that Yazoo would be jealous of. Perfect synthpop, as if we have never left the 80s.



Original written by Boris Dlugosch for the LOVEGANG
Vocals by Kathy Diamond (from The KDMS)
Remix by HEKO